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Dear James,

Today you rolled over for the very first time. I may have helped you just a little. I was incredibly proud.

Alex and Liv, 2014








Location: Nesodden, Norway

Dear James,

One day in the early spring, when I was very pregnant with you, I took my little brother Alex out for a walk in the sunshine to take his picture. I wanted to remember him as my little baby brother, the baby of the family. I knew that when you came along that everything would change. And it did. Alex became an uncle. I was occupied learning how to be your mother. I still am. A month after you were born Alex turned 12. A year away from being a teenager. These shots show my little sister Liv and my baby brother Alex (your aunt and uncle) enjoying running around in the sunshine at your grandparents house. I was already heavily pregnant and reflective. I couldn’t sprint around with them like I used to. My steps were heavy. Around the corner was a whole new life with you.

I am his mother, Ingrid

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Location: Oslo, Norway

This photo-diary is written by me, Ingrid. Twenty-seven years old and twenty-eight in exactly ten days. Girlfriend of John (thirty four years old) and mother to James (three months in four days). I have a fashion blog under the Scandinavian media house Bonnier Media and work as Communications Consultant for a furniture company called Varier.

This little corner of the internet isn’t about any of that.

It is about my family and our love. The only thing that will be important to me when my time is up.

When I close my eyes that very last time, these are some of the images that I want to see.

His First Summer

On May 14 2014, the fifth of four Kerlefsen cousins was born at Ullevål Hospital in Oslo, Norway. James Robert Kerlefsen. When he was born, a small family was created which consisted of Ingrid, John and the little one. Three days later they drove him home to their little apartment in the center of Oslo.



Location: Langenes. Søgne, South of Norway

The following images are of:

1.James at two months old with his father John at Søgne, in the South of Norway. This is where John grew up with his Norwegian father Dag Øystein and Scottish mother Mary. John has two sisters. Yvonne (younger) and Kirsti (older).

2. Baby James and his four cousins (from left to right) Hans, Tobias, Sondre and Erik.